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Since Amsterdam is all aroundpicturesque canal rings, merchandize from ships was originally unloaded in the harbor of the city to barges; it was brought to the merchants who worked and lived in town through the canals of the Amsterdam. Today, there are 2.500 houseboats in Amsterdam that do not sail, but are tied along the city canals forever. If you and your family wish to live in a modern way, but also convenient and at the same time exotic, you should definitely try to live in a houseboat for a while. The only thing in order to try living in a houseboat in Amsterdam is renting a boat there.

As I have already mentioned, it is a modern way of living; but, why is this so?

78de2e273d6b3954c352f6f9b88d2b2161d252c5This is the case simply because houseboats of Amsterdam are something like small houses that are built on water. They usually have a terrace; on the deck, there is a mall garden. A good thing about the houseboats is that they are connected to the water and power system of the city of the Amsterdam! So, you should not worry about these things that are pretty much essential for living.

Also, most of the boats in Amsterdam are built to be modern from the inside. They include some luxurious objects. However, even those houseboats that are more modest (for instance, have only 1 small bathroom), still offer visitors of Amsterdam a relaxing and unforgettable trip.

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What I preferred the most when I visited one of those houseboats is a light fresh breeze that was coming from Amsterdam’s canals; because of this, I felt like I was living in suburbia of Amsterdam.It is great to live in a houseboat! Why? Not only that living in the houseboat is romantic and wonderful experience, but also because in this way you get to live in the center of the city so while you are visiting Amsterdam you will not be having a desire, or need to travel big distance between your house and some other places.

How to Rent a Houseboat

converted-barege-houseboatIn Amsterdam, more than 60 houseboats are for renting. If you plan to stay in Amsterdam for more than 7 days, then renting a houseboat there would be the best possible solution. Why? Well, because hotel rooms are much more expensive than houseboats. Also, you can rent a houseboat that is situated in the city center. Before renting, you should always check the houseboat location in Amsterdam! The most popular is location voilier guadeloupe.

There is a trustworthy and safe website that is especially created for visitors of Amsterdam to make their reservations, called What is also important for you as a visitor to know in advance, is that some boat rentals will demand a credit card information so as your visit is guaranteed. However, it is not always the case. Only at the time of departure will your credit card be charged.

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